button Wireless Networking

Wireless networking requires more than setting up a radio and adding clients. There are a multituide of issues to overcome to insure infrastructure continuity. Interference mitigation, radio loading, and roaming are a few issues that require attention when considering a wireless deployment. With years of experience installing custom wireless solutions, Simplicity offers a full range of services and support options to insure a non-stop wireless service for your infrastructure. From in-building solutions to carrier level deployments, Simplicity has your wireless needs covered!

button Security

Businesses face a myriad of threats that are technically advanced, persistent, and motivated by profit or strategic advantage. These threats come from a multitude of areas and are now multifaceted in nature. While most security providers focus on one aspect of security. Simplicity offers a complete package of services for both virtual and physical threat mitigation. From the virtual; firewalls, ids, anti-virus, anti-spam, and access control to the physical; cctv, access control, and multi-layer intrusion detection.